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Autism, ADHD and school absence are risk factors for self-harm

Research links school and hospital data.

Insufficient menstrual cycle education provided in UK schools

A UK-wide study led by Swansea University has found that menstrual cycle education needs to be addressed in schools.

Trainee teachers made sharper assessments about learning difficulties after receiving feedback from AI

A trial in which trainee teachers who were being taught to identify pupils with potential.

Lessons from modern languages – and a little help from Taylor Swift – can reboot Latin learning

A new guide calls for a rethink of how Latin is taught in universities and schools, linking outdated practices to falling student numbers in both Britain and the United States.

Sport improves concentration and quality of life

Study with primary school pupils confirms positive impact of physical fitness

Sexual harassment is reported to be common in Scottish secondary schools

Visual, verbal and personally invasive harassment is widespread, with boundaries rarely discussed

Requirement for adults to wear masks in schools has major impact on Covid-19 transmissions

German research highlights benefit of teachers wearing masks in reducing spread of virus

Study finds that US classrooms with more Black and Latinx students receive lower quality of teaching

Results are outlined in article “Teaching Bias? Relations between Teaching Quality and Classroom Demographic Composition”

Post-pandemic widening of inequalities for children in the North of England

Research from Newcastle University.

Self-awareness is key to helping kids cope with back-to-school stress

Tips for parents and teachers