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From the editorial team at The Education Wire.

Requirement for adults to wear masks in schools has major impact on Covid-19 transmissions

German research highlights benefit of teachers wearing masks in reducing spread of virus

Study finds that US classrooms with more Black and Latinx students receive lower quality of teaching

Results are outlined in article “Teaching Bias? Relations between Teaching Quality and Classroom Demographic Composition”

Post-pandemic widening of inequalities for children in the North of England

Research from Newcastle University.

Self-awareness is key to helping kids cope with back-to-school stress

Tips for parents and teachers

Excess screen time impacting teen mental health

Research from The University of Queensland, Australia.

A love for video games can improve classroom learning, study finds

A love for video games should be harnessed by teachers to improve classroom learning, new.

Teachers want to encourage children to take a public stand against climate change

Teachers prepared to support activism from young people regarding climate change.

Pandemic adolescent mental health study reveals turnaround finding

Study from Lancaster University

Young teens should only use recreational tech and video games one hour daily

New research finds test scores, educational aspirations drop if children overuse non-educational technology

Adolescents’ well-being and learning during COVID-19 linked to psychological needs

Multi-country analysis highlights importance of experiencing competence, feeling connected to others