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Excess screen time impacting teen mental health

Research from The University of Queensland, Australia.

A love for video games can improve classroom learning, study finds

A love for video games should be harnessed by teachers to improve classroom learning, new.

Teachers want to encourage children to take a public stand against climate change

Teachers prepared to support activism from young people regarding climate change.

Pandemic adolescent mental health study reveals turnaround finding

Study from Lancaster University

Young teens should only use recreational tech and video games one hour daily

New research finds test scores, educational aspirations drop if children overuse non-educational technology

Adolescents’ well-being and learning during COVID-19 linked to psychological needs

Multi-country analysis highlights importance of experiencing competence, feeling connected to others

70% of secondary school students admit to future career fear

One in five (19%) of secondary school students say they have not received any advice from their school since the first lockdown over a year ago.

Nature draws out a happy place for children

New study explores children’s perception of their own wellbeing using art

Literacy Trust get kids talking about climate and how to care for the environment

Resources for Earth Day

Moscow Electronic School Helps Cope with the Challenges of the Pandemic

How schools in Moscow continue to support their students