Teenage depression linked to father’s depression

Adolescents whose fathers have depressive symptoms are more likely to experience symptoms of depression themselves,.

Intentional teaching makes the biggest impact on early childhood outcomes

A look at several measures of the quality of early childhood education suggests that the.

Engaging children in maths at home equals a boost in more than just maths skills

Preschool children who engage in math activities at home with their parents not only improve.

Children of criminal parents have a greater chance of becoming criminals themselves

In general, children of criminal parents are more than twice as likely to exhibit criminal.

Parental sexual orientation and children’s psychological well-being

In a Child Development study of 21,103 children aged 4-17 years, those with lesbian and gay parents.

Keeping harsh punishment in check helps kids with ADHD, study finds

Cutting back on yelling, criticism and other harsh parenting approaches, including physical punishment, has the.

Unemployment triggers increase in child neglect, according to new research

The number of reported cases of child neglect in the United States of America increased.

Removing digital devices from the bedroom can improve sleep for children, teens

Removing electronic media from the bedroom and encouraging a calming bedtime routine are among recommendations.

In autism, too many brain connections may be at root of condition

Learning, social issues may reflect neuronal miscommunication A defective gene linked to autism influences how.

How to detect the risk of dyslexia before learning to read

Almost 10% of the world population suffers dyslexia. Establishing an early diagnosis would allow the.