Cognitive benefits of bilingualism overstated

Acquisition and active use of two languages have been suggested to train executive functions in.

Adopted children need closer ties to their birth families

Findings show that adopted children denied contact can experience serious identity issues and adoptive parents.

Incivility at work: Is ‘queen bee syndrome’ getting worse?

The phenomenon of women discriminating against other women in the workplace — particularly as they.

Behaviour in high school predicts income and occupational success later in life

Students who show interest in school report greater income 50 years later, regardless of IQ,.

Scientists link genes to brain anatomy in autism

A team of scientists at the University of Cambridge has discovered that specific genes are.

‘Social brain’ networks are altered at a young age in autism

Scientists from UNIGE have unpicked early changes in the brain that govern how toddlers with.

Younger and older siblings contribute positively to each other’s developing empathy

Older siblings play an important role in the lives of their younger siblings. Like parents,.

Personality: Where does it come from and how does it work?

How do our personalities develop? What do we come with and what is built from.

Graduates of early childhood programme show greater educational gains as adults

Students who participated in an intensive childhood education programme from preschool to third grade were.

Research compares neural activity in children with and without autism spectrum disorder

Pick a hand, any hand. That familiar refrain, repeated in schoolyards the world over, is.