Comments on social networks also reinforce socialisation during adolescence

Cybergossiping occurs when two or more people make evaluative comments on a digital device about.

Keeping a healthy perspective on social media

Social media can be a place to keep up with friends, make plans or hear.

Social media makes it both easier and more challenging to parent tweens

Balancing freedom with supervision: 55 percent of parents would read their tween’s texts, social media.

We’re not addicted to smartphones, we’re addicted to social interaction

A new study of the dysfunctional use of smart technology finds that the most addictive.

Social media does not decrease face-to-face interactions

Since the invention of the telegram, the adoption of new technologies, such as television, smartphones.

The benefits of social media for young people in care

Young people in care benefit from the psychological, emotional and social support gained via social.

When friends become objects

Why Facebook appeals to materialists Why do people use social media? Striving to answer this.

Academic performance shapes student social networks

Based on data from the VKontakte social network, researchers at Higher School of Economics and.

Social media helps students learn scientific argumentation better, study says

Provided by: University of Kansas Adults often bemoan the amount of time young people spend staring.

Fake news more likely to thrive online due to lowered fact-checking

The power and proliferation of fake online news stems not only from its apparent ubiquity.