Here’s what parents REALLY want from teachers

Since modern day parents are so busy juggling between busy work schedules, raising their own children can just get in the way. Well, published in the USA publication, the Orlando Sentinel, satirist has written an open letter to the teachers of his child (Noah), to help “do your jobs better.”

There will be many teachers and school leaders who will smile while reading through this, as there are quite a few demands aligned with the expectations of a certain number of parents you come across frequently 😉

The letter requests that the school feeds the child under a small budget, but insisting that the dietary requirements are maintained…

Please feed Noah lunch while he’s there. Make sure it’s healthier than what I offer at home, and try to keep it under $2. (The food you provide should be organic, fair-trade, local, shade-grown, grass-fed, cage-free, free-range, rainforest-alliance-certified, bird-and salmon-friendly, and antibiotic-, hormone-, chlorine-, pvc-, bpa-, gluten-, dairy-, peanut- and GMO-free from a provider that has a negative carbon footprint.)

It continues…

Don’t let anyone mistreat anyone else, since I don’t have time to find out if Noah is the “different” one. I was sort of a nerdy kid and think he would be better off being labeled as popular. Make sure to recognize each student’s talents and skills. Tell me what Noah’s are during our 10-minute conferences each semester (which are very inconvenient for me).

He concludes the letter with a kindly PS comment…

P.S. I love the folder you paid for out of your own pocket, since I forgot to get one, although you emailed me the supplies list a long time ago. But did you see Noah’s new Nike shoes? — They’re completely awesome.


So just remember, as a new school year approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, the reasonable demands that society and parents place on teachers, and don’t let them down {sighs}

Click here to read the full version of the letter on the Orlando Sentinel website.