Public Speaking for VR Cardboard

As teachers, we are used to standing up and rattling on to a class of our students. It’s what we do. But if we are suddenly asked to present to our peers, or at a conference, or to a staff meeting, then we go to pieces. Well, most of us do.

To help us (or our students) overcome this, the Android “Public Speaking for Cardboard” app provides you with a (virtual) audience in a variety of situations, so you can practice and time your talk or presentation.


The app is free (click here to download from the Google Android store) and works really well with Google Cardboard (buy via Amazon UK) and Smartphone.

This app provides a virtual, 360-degree stage complete with audience as though you are giving a real presentation.  The people in the boardroom style room are hilariously rude in checking their devices whilst you are talking. It’s so true on so many levels.