How “tech intensity” is the call from Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls for intensity to digital transformation.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed how ‘tech intensity’ can help individuals and business to embrace technology in every part of their life.

Speaking at the Microsoft Future Decoded event at Excel, London, Nadella also acknowledged there are privacy, security and ethical AI issues that need to be addressed by developers and the technology industry as a whole in ensuring that the use of technology is a power for good.

“Privacy is a human right,” he declared. “All of us will have to think about the digital experiences we create to treat privacy as a human right.”

“The challenge of cybersecurity is the damage it causes most impacts citizens and small business and we need to protect them…One of the challenges of AI is that it’s only as good as the data on which its been trained.”

Nadella concluded, “Technology is being diffused at a fast rate but we don’t stop there. Each one of us – in our institutions and organisations – will have to create our own digital capability on top of the technology.”

“Every company is a software company and a digital organisation. It’s this digital formula that will be how we capitalise on this opportunity.”

“So tech intensity is one of the most important strategic formulas to get right – for every business decision-maker in every industry.”