Tweeting with Hooti

For those of us who tweet, there are a great mix of apps to use on mobile devices, but fears of potential reprisals can stop us sharing our thoughts. The dangers of this can put people off using social media altogether, but how safe (or brave) would you feel if Twitter treated life like Snapchat. Well, there is no sign that this will happen any time soon, but for those who love tweeting, you can now tweet in relative safety with Hooti, for iPhone.

Be honest in the moment. Feel safe in the future.

Broadcast your thoughts a in ‘hoot’ of 140 characters, set the timer, and when time runs out, your hoots disappear forever. You can also create mini-podcasts, short videos and pictures to deliver your message.

Have something to say? Unhappy about your day, your job, politics, a tv show, or even a business? Be direct, honest (and a bit witty) and say your opinion.

Hooti is only microblog where your thoughts disappear, keeping you perfectly safe from trolls and haters, and protecting your reputation.

You can tweet on Twitter, hoot on Hooti, or do both, the choice is yours. The self-destruct option for posts is a nice touch. But, remember that people can still take a screen shot of your message, so when you are hooting your honest opinion, just keep that in mind. If you are fed up with Twitter and want to try something new, check out Hooti and see if it’s for you.

Click here to view on the Apple App Store.