Glamping – The perfect escape to get away from it all?

You’ve been stuck in the classroom all week long. The days just seemingly go on and on. The pressure to get the marking, planning and assessments done just does not go away. You need a weekend away. Just to reconnect with yourself and your family and to get in touch with nature.

Spending time outdoors can be the perfect way to refocus, but the thought of pitching a tent at the end of the week will not appeal to everyone. How about a spot of ‘glamping’? Choose correct, and everything will be all set out for you (preferably with no wi-fi and no mobile phone connection), and all you need to do is relax and enjoy the time with nature.

Many entrepreneurs within the UK have picked up on this fashion. Pitching (very) large tents in the middle of the countryside, many offer most of the mod-cons of modern life. Furnished with comfortable beds, seating and kitchen facilities, you have the ingredients to ooze into relaxation. Just settle into enjoying the sounds, sights and smells of nature.


Many sites now include food packs with comfortable, clean glamping tents for a great ‘get-away-from-it-all’ opoortunity, allowing you to connect with your family in the warmth and comfort of tents which are well equipped for a few days of relaxing or exploration of the countryside.

Take care when exploring glamping, as many providers merely add a mattress and camping bed into an ordinary tent. Here are some tips on what to look for when deciding to glamp or not:

  1. Explore what glamping means to you, and consider independent reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor to help you decide what looks luxurious to you.
  2. Check out the local area. If you are taking your family, ensure there are places within walking distance for exploration. Wooded areas, streams, public footpaths, open fields all offer the opportunity to just admire nature and get close to animals.
  3. Amenities. What amenities do you have available? Running water and a bathroom are a good start. A stove and gas-hob are great. But if you really are wanting to disconnect from your busy life, avoid places with wifi or electricity – unless you are a total junkie. Remember your torches (and not the ones on your mobile phone)!
  4. Glamping_3Comfort. You can only relax if you are comfortable, so if you’re going to get uncomfortable sitting on the floor or lying on close to the ground, then check out other options.
  5. Footwear – Flip flops might not cope with walking through muddy areas! Think carefully about your footwear options.
  6. Enjoy the quiet – Your job is busy and noisy. Just spend time appreciating the quiet and stillness of the outdoor life – enjoying the sounds that nature provides you.
  7. The weather can make or break your short trip away, but even if you experience the wet stuff, this gives you the chance to STOP, converse with your family and catch up with your marking.
  8. Plan your food/eating. If you are not connected to electricity, you will be void of a fridge. If this is the case, many sites offer cool boxes and ice to keep food and drinks cold. Plan ahead, buy local, and explore the BBQ options at the site you will be visiting.

Glamping, if done correctly, can offer a comfortable and (dare I say) a sophisticated way to get away from it all for a few days, reconnecting with nature and your loved ones.




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