Visiting the Czech Republic by @nickotkdV

My favourite holiday destination has to be the Czech Republic.



In August 2016 I am getting married in the Czech Republic. My future wife is Czech and so we have been 3 times to see her family. The first time I went I did not full appreciate the beauty of the country. I was nervous and so I did not really soak up the cultural excellence of the country. The second and third time I was a lot more relaxed so I truly go to see what an awesome country the Czech republic was.

We go to the second largest city in the Czech republic; Brno.

Below is an extract about Brno

“The charms of the Czech Republic’s second-largest city may not be immediate, but spend a few days in this Moravian town and Brno’s vibrant, authentic Czech ambiance will win you over. It’s a fine way to experience Czech life without the teeming herds of tourists that visit Prague. Art Nouveau, Empire and Neoclassical buildings stand in the bar- and restaurant-packed old city center. Leafy parks abound. Be sure to get a photo with a local landmark, the suspiciously crocodilian Brno Dragon statue.”

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Throughout all my trips the food was good but the cultural sites were amazing. You see I am a lover of all things historic, as a child I was brought up visiting English Heritage properties and sites. As an adult my love of history continues. I have many fond memories of such places.

I went for the first time in July 2013, then again in August 2014 and my third time was for 2 weeks in August 2015. My fiancée and I got engaged in August 2015 and we knew straight away that the wedding would be in the Czech Republic. We are getting married in a stunning castle. The marriage is centred around the wonderful Czech countryside. We are staying for out honeymoon there and we aim to take in many more glorious sites.


Images and text by Nick Overton (@nickotkdV)

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