School in England sees test scores annulled after pupils ‘overaided’

A Northamptonshire primary school in England has seen its SATs maths paper results annulled by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) who had been investigating after a complaint that pupils were ‘overaided’ by administrators of the Key Stage 2 exam.

Reported in the Northamptonshire Telegraph, the chair of governors is report as saying…

This is a very unfortunate outcome for the whole class and for the school but we are confident that it is an isolated and rare occurrence.

Perhaps an indication of the pressure teachers and school-leaders are put under in order to improve progress?

The chair person of Cranford Primary School near Kettering continued…

This is the unfortunate by-product of a complaint direct to the STA as opposed to talking directly to the school or governing body in the first instance and we would always encourage parents to talk to the school first wherever possible if they have any concerns.

Reportedly, the complaint raised concerns over the use of non-verbal communication, prompting children, encouraging children to move on and prompting children to amend their answers.

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