Is it their own fault?! How people judge the exclusion of others

The way people view the social exclusion of others varies – depending on how much.

Primary pupils who own mobile phones are more likely to be cyber-bullied

Research to be presented at the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition.

‘Roasting’ is the latest cyberbullying trend

A new, and self-propagated, means of cyber bullying is emerging among young social media users..

Being bullied may dramatically affect sleep

New research from McLean Hospital neuroscientists shows in an animal model that being bullied can.

Bullying rates remain higher for children with disabilities, even as they mature

Schools should refocus efforts to help these children develop social skills to combat bullying in.

Australian children missing school, bullied, hungry, report finds

One in ten Australian children misses school at least once a week, almost one in.

Students with influence over peers reduce school bullying

Curbing school bullying has been a focal point for educators, administrators, policymakers and parents, but.