Highlights from MGF 2019

Highlights and observations from Moscow Global Forum – City of Education – 2019

Futures look bright in Skolkovo

How one area within Moscow is providing the world with technological, medical and academic innovation.

Parental behaviour affects the involvement of children in cyberbullying

Andalusian researchers demand the involvement of families and training in prevention programmes

How “tech intensity” is the call from Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella calls for intensity to digital transformation.

Thousands of mobile apps for children might be violating their privacy

Thousands of the most popular apps and games available, mostly free of charge, in the.

Harnessing the potential of blockchain to transform education

Blockchain technology can help improve old models of data management and bring benefits to learners.

Children’s screen-time guidelines too restrictive, according to new research

Digital screen use is a staple of contemporary life for adults and children, whether they.

Hands-on coding robot @MatataLab launches #EdTech Kickstarter quest

While there are already many educational robot toys on the market, few of them focus.

Education websites identified as recording your ‘every keystroke’

A study from Princeton University has suggested that some of the most popular websites track.

Kahoot! Launches New Mobile App

Kahoot!, the game-based learning platform and one of the world’s fastest growing learning brands with.