Teenagers with incontinence are at risk of underachieving at secondary school

Continence problems are among the most common paediatric health problems. It’s commonly believed that continence.

Teens get more sleep when school starts later

A later school start time could mean teens are more likely to get adequate amounts.

Brain’s appetite regulator disrupted in obese teens

Researchers using advanced MRI to study obese adolescents found disrupted connectivity in the complex regions.

Mass media linked to childhood obesity

A task force from the European Academy of Paediatrics and the European Childhood Obesity Group.

Changes in young people’s sexual practices over the last 20 years revealed

Study shows increasing diversity in young people’s heterosexual practices, New understanding of current sexual trends.

Pupils fitter than expected

Study on motor performance of elementary aged students Childhood obesity is often attributed to a.

Half of UK children fib about brushing their teeth

Barely a third of UK parents supervise their children’s brushing Almost half of UK children.

Study: Most US adults say today’s children have worse health prospects

Less than 1 in 5 adults rate quality of diet, safety of communities, and exercise.

Farsighted children struggle with attention, study finds

Farsighted preschoolers and kindergartners have a harder time paying attention and that could put them.

Video game boosts sex health IQ and attitudes in minority teens

A videogame designed by Yale researchers to promote health and reduce risky behaviour in teens.