Screen time might boost depression, suicide behaviours in teens

A new study finds that teens, especially girls, who spend several hours per day on.

Farsighted children struggle with attention, study finds

Farsighted preschoolers and kindergartners have a harder time paying attention and that could put them.

Fake news more likely to thrive online due to lowered fact-checking

The power and proliferation of fake online news stems not only from its apparent ubiquity.

School in England sees test scores annulled after pupils ‘overaided’

A Northamptonshire primary school in England has seen its SATs maths paper results annulled by the.

School attendance improves when girls are given free sanitary pads and puberty lessons

In schools where sanitary pads or puberty education were not provided, over 18 months levels.

Should parents lie to children about Santa?

Shops are bursting with toys, mince pies are on the menu and radios are blasting.

Children are diagnosed with autism at younger ages since push for universal screening

Study at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting examines impact of recommendation that all children.

Transforming teaching with Twitter

Imagine a teaching tool so effective that students look forward to using it in class.

Editorial – News Digest w/e 25 Feb 2016

In this feature, we take a look a the news that has fed through our.

How do children feel about their lives?

Over 17,000 eight-year-old children in 16 countries on four continents were asked about their experiences.