Adult-child conversations strengthen language regions of developing brain

Study suggests talking with children from early age could promote language skills regardless of socioeconomic status

Younger children tend to make more informed decisions

A new study from the University of Waterloo has found that in some ways, the.

Study links parental support and career success of children

A recent study finds that young people who get financial support from their parents have.

Study refutes theory linking cognition, genes and income

Researchers have cast doubt on a widely-held belief that connects family income with cognitive development,.

Ethnic diversity in schools may be good for students’ grades, study suggests

Early adolescents’ grades were higher when they socialised with peers from other ethnicities, according to.

Are you a good example of work/life balance to your offspring?

How we balance work and family life may be learned from our parents Women who.

Children can ‘catch’ social bias through non-verbal signals expressed by adults

Most conscientious adults tend to avoid making biased or discriminatory comments in the presence of.

Neglect and abuse in childhood could have long-term economic consequences

People who suffer neglect and abuse in childhood are much more likely to have time.

Children are diagnosed with autism at younger ages since push for universal screening

Study at the Pediatric Academic Societies 2016 Meeting examines impact of recommendation that all children.