Emotional suppression has negative outcomes on children

New research shows it’s better to express negative emotions in a healthy way than to tamp them down

Study shows today’s dads are engaging more with their kids

Sociologists at BYU and Ball State have found that a majority of fathers today are.

Can weekend sleep make up for the detriments of sleep deprivation during the week?

For many, the thoughts of a long lazy weekend is what gets them through the.

Sleeping for longer leads to a healthier diet

Sleeping for longer each night is a simple lifestyle intervention that could help reduce intake.

People who sleep less than 8 hours a night more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety

Sleeping less than the recommended eight hours a night is associated with intrusive, repetitive thoughts.

Father’s rejection may increase child’s social anxiety, loneliness

Healthy relationships with their parents are vital for adolescents’ development and well-being, according to Penn.

Teens get more sleep when school starts later

A later school start time could mean teens are more likely to get adequate amounts.

Starting young vital to lifelong volunteering and social action

Children undertaking volunteering and service related activities from a young age, with strong support networks.

Student self-reporting can help educators catch academic and mental health problems early

At the start of the school year, many students expect to go through the process.

Primary pupils who own mobile phones are more likely to be cyber-bullied

Research to be presented at the 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition.