A Blank Social Media Template to Encourage Writing

Here’s a great teaching resource that could be used in primary or secondary schools, encouraging creative thinking by pupils, and supporting them to understand individuals you may be focusing on in English, History, Religious Studies, and so on.

The blank social media template, free to download here, allows you to challenge students by creating a fake social media account for a character you are studying in class. Here are some prompts:

  • Imagine in social media was around when they were alive.
  • What information would appear in the biography section?
  • What social media stories would they post about the events you’ve been exploring? (you could challenge this further by insisting that the writing remains within the 140-character limit of Twitter).
  • Who would be on their ‘friends’ list?
  • What other information could we find out about the character if they’d had a social media account?

As you can see, the activity can be open-ended and encourages imaginative thinking. The resource could easily be adapted for older students, with more opportunities to create social media posts to support the learning of your pupils.

The resource is free to download from the UKEdChat website,

so click here to visit the resource page directly.