Alcohol – The impact to an 8-year old

ONG Bandeiras Brancas (PRNewsFoto/ONG Bandeiras Brancas)

Concerned about the danger of alcohol, NGO Bandeiras Brancas has created a video based on real stories to draw attention to the situation.

Laura, 8 years old, facing her dad’s change of behaviour, decides to write a letter to the likely responsible person for those changes, in her opinion.

In the letter, narrated in first person, the girl reveals traumas and disappointments accordingly to her father’s descent. The girl says not only her but the whole family was suffering with his actions. She describes seeing her mother´s hunger because the father was not bringing any food home, her father losing his job and worst, domestic violence.

Her last request to the presumed friend is that he goes away and leaves them alone. At the end of the video, a surprising finish is revealed.

The video is available at

The ONG Bandeiras Brancas, an organization that creates communication ads in favor of peace, decided to make the action through a video. “The idea is that the video reaches the target public and alert family members, that also need help when in those situations”, says Brunno Barbosa, the NGO´s founder. The video is narrated in English and has subtitled versions, in hope to reach as many people as possible.