A raging trip to get to school

School children in the Northern India region of Himachal face a deadly, raging daily river crossing for each journey to reach their education.

The below video, taken near a village called Chamba in the Himachal Pradesh state, shows how an especially torrential monsoon season has impacted schoolchildren. Rolling up their pant sleeves, the kids slowly wade across a fast-flowing river, stepping slowly over the submerged, rocky slope. One local outlet estimated that some stretches of the river are as wide as 49 feet.

According to reporting from the Times of India, the village consists of roughly 400 people, and its children must traverse just over a mile to reach their school.

Speaking with the Times, one villager noted the fears children face crossing the river, saying, “There is a lot of grass and vegetation on the slippery footpaths in the village. Risk of snakes and flashflood is always there.”

Other regions of the state face similar difficulty crossing rivers. Children interviewed by India TV News in the video below explain that crossing rivers on their way to school presents an obvious and significant difficulty.